Fortel Nijjer : Local Employment Through Fortel – Case Study


There are many benefits of local employment for businesses and in turn, this helps to build local economies.

At Fortel, we put our people first and strive to create a lasting social legacy which starts with supporting our local communities.

The real, measurable benefits we provide to individuals in our communities are a source of pride that helps underpin our social value offering.

We consistently deliver 100% local employment on a wide range of projects, providing opportunities to help build skills.

Our work on the site of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital in Smethwick is a shining example of giving opportunities to local people and letting them flourish on a project of real significance.

From handyman roles to welfare operatives and labourer positions, this project brings together a collection of individuals who are benefiting from our ‘local first’ approach.

Watch the video to learn more about their work on this crucial project.


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