Twenty years in UK construction industry | Sat Nijjer

Fortel owner, Satvinder Nijjer’s  takes pride in announcing that they have completed 20 years in UK’s construction Industry.

Throughout their 20-year history, Fortel has developed three distinct operating models:

  • People – individuals and teams to work under your supervision.
  • Projects – delivering specific contracts for a pre-agreed price.
  • Process outsourcing – ongoing support for your labor requirements.        

Unlike many labor suppliers, they are not a CV farm but assess and select each applicant individually to make them part of the team. Fortel, aims to look after all of their people properly, though industry-leading pay and conditions, comprehensive training, and a strong commitment to their wellbeing, as well as language training for those whose mother tongue isn’t English.

As the second generation of the family to lead the firm FortelSat Nijjer was set up as a chief executive in 2012 has been a majority shareholder of Fortel for 7 years. He put together a group which share his vision for the future of the firm.
Strategically navigating the challenging problems in the Building and Recruitment industries the firm is now forecast to grow over of ₤ 150M in annual profits.
As a starting member of the Walsall Economic Board and also Sat Nijjer specified, “Belonging to the board suggests I can guarantee we deliver the vision of an incorporated public-private partnership in Walsall, helping provide sustainable enhancements to people of the District.”