Surinder Nijjer congrats Fortel team on Vaisakhi Celebrations


Recently, we came together to celebrate Vaisakhi, a significant festival marking the birth of the Khalsa, a pivotal moment in Sikh history. At Fortel HQ, we celebrated with a variety of activities that brought our team closer together.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

We organised an array of activities to honour this occasion, including delicious food, insightful presentations, and turban tying sessions. It was a wonderful opportunity for team members from various backgrounds to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of Vaisakhi and learn more about its profound meanings.

A highlight of the celebration was the presentation delivered by our colleagues, Jasdeep Singh and Balraj Singh. Their talk not only shed light on the historical and spiritual significance of Vaisakhi but also embodied the spirit of inclusivity and community that the festival promotes.

The Mission of the Khalsa

During the celebration, we reflected on the mission of the Khalsa, which is ‘Degh Tegh Fateh’ – meaning prosperity for all, justice for all, and victory. This philosophy emphasises fighting for food and freedom for everyone around the world, regardless of faith, caste, gender, colour, age, or other differences.

A Message of Unity and Peace

As we shared these moments of celebration and learning at Fortel, it reinforced our commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion. Vaisakhi reminds us of the importance of community and the strength found in unity and mutual respect.

From everyone at Fortel, we extend our wishes for a joyful and prosperous Vaisakhi to all. We hope this festival brings peace and happiness to everyone, echoing the greeting, “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh” – the Khalsa belongs to God, and to God belongs the victory.

Reflecting on this celebration, we feel a renewed sense of purpose in fostering an inclusive workplace where every individual feels valued and respected.