Fortel Nijjer Fortel Group Owner

Fortel is endorsing the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors’ Conflict Avoidance Pledge. 

Under the pledge, we are commiting to implementing conflict avoidance measures in their contracts and on site. 

The pledge aims to reduce the financial cost of disputes and help projects be delivered on time and in budget.

Organisations signing up to the pledge are encouraged to work collaboratively and use early

intervention techniques throughout the supply chain to try and resolves issues before they escalate into disputes. 

Our collaborative approach to business is something we are passionate about, so we are happy to support this.

Sat Nijjer, CEO at Fortel, said: “We are proud to be adding our name to the pledge and committing to  implementing conflict avoidance measures in contracts and on-site. 

“This is a positive initiative for our industry, pointing towards best practice and encouraging us all to read from the same page.

“We are proud to put collaboration at the heart of what we do and feel that this commitment strengthens that.”

Several professional bodies in the construction and engineering sectors have signed up to the pledge. These include, for example, the Institute of Civil Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects, Transport for London and Network Rail.